The Wholenote Magazine
April 1 ~ May 7, 2010

Piano Concerto

The Work is flamboyantly virtuosic and Petrowska Quilico takes full advantage of the opportunity to rise to the occasion... It is a well-crafted, dramatic work that would be well at home on any mainstream orchestral concert and, deserves to be heard more often. 
— David Olds (DISCoveries Editor)


The Globe and Mail
Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008

Fantasy for Solo Cello

The Kuzmenko Fantasy is an attractive, essentially tonal work, a genuine contribution to the repertoire, and easily the best of.. the things I've heard by this composer. It has rhythmic and melodic interest, real vitality and strong feelings, all of which Yamagami was able to convey. Each of its four movements has a distinct profile and its own characteristic devices: the Prelude is sombre; the Scherzo a buoyant jig; the Intermezzo wistful, with a memorable, brief plaintive passage in harmonics; the Toccata finale a bit episodic but decisive. 
— Ken Winters


The Toronto Star
March 8, 2005

Dreams for Choir and Piano Trio

...the scoring was so well judged that verbal clarity was never sacrificied and the union of violin, cello, and piano with the voices of a chamber choir sounded entirely natural. 
— William Littler


The Chronicle Journal (Thunder Bay)
Saturday, November 27, 2004

Sea Without a Shore for Cello and Orchestra

Kuzmenko's concerto, "Sea Without a Shore'", was well received. It's a good work, solid in construction with some effective orchestration. The slow finale .. is a highly evocative expression of the depth of Kuzmenko's imaginary sea. The orchestral textures are rich and dark, yet strangely still and chilling. 
— Steven Baric


The Toronto Star
Friday, March 16, 2001

A Song Of Lilith

Kuzmenko's exciting, absorbing and intriguing score made vivid programmatic work of the story components. 
— Geoff Chapman


“Memoriam for the victims of Chornobyl”

Has recently been published by Plangere Publications and is available through them at Plangere is also publishing Fantasy for Solo Cello and "In Search of Eldorado" in versions for mezzo soprano and soprano.

Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011

Behold the Night


Kuzmenko's new work, Behold the Night, is a two-movement setting of a pair of poems from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream: "Over hill, over dale," and "Now the hungry lion roars." Scored for orchestra and children's choir, it's a harmonically conservative work – as charming and colourful as any film score by Danny Elfman or John Williams. 

— Colin Eatock

Cellist Vernon Regehr presents previously unrecorded, unaccompanied works of six composers, all written in the past decade. As the title of the album suggests, the works display a highly varied array of expressive and emotional landscapes, utilizing the instrument's broad range of tone colour.
Kuzmenko's "One Sister Have I in Our House" for Women's chorus and piano was commissioned by the Tapestry Singers in joyful celebration of their sister singer Sandy Quarles, a gentle soul and a lively spirit. Recorded live at St. Matthews Episcopal Church.
Kuzmenko's JUNO Nominated Piano Concerto on Compact Disc with Pianist "Christina Petrowska Quilico".