Lilith” is a programmatic work for string quartet with English horn. It was commissioned in 2000 by Mooredale Concerts with the financial assistance of the Ontario Arts Council. The 30 minute work is in 14 movements, it was inspired by the mythic tale of Lilith preceding Adam and Eve's adventures with snake and apple in the Garden of Eden.

According to legend, Lilith was Adam's first partner and his equal. Soon after creation however, he became arrogant intending to dominate; an angry Lilith sprouted wings and escaped. Eve, a woman of passive dreams was then fashioned out of his rib, while Lilith was pursued by demons who tried to turn her into a viper, a vulture and a voluptuous devil. But love intervened and with it a fascinating new twenty-first century conclusion.

A quote from Geoff Chapman's review of the piece from the Toronto Star says, “Kuzmenko's exciting, stirring, absorbing and intriguing score made vivid programmatic work of the story components”.

Larysa Kuzmenko / 2000