Movement 1 - “Prelude” Subtitled “forget-me-nots”: This slow movement is dedicated to the memory of my dearest friend Kristine Bogyo. Kristine was a wonderful cellist and my dearest friend in the world. I was thinking about her and her tragic death while writing this movement. I remembered how proud she was of her garden. She asked me to plant some flowers of my choosing in her garden after her death. I chose to plant forget-me-nots. I found a perfect spot in her garden for these flowers. I was not aware that I had just planted them on top of Kristine‚Äôs buried ashes.

Movement 2 - “Scherzo”: This is a very lively movement. I wanted to create a kind of fanciful and playful mood. This movement was inspired by my new family member, Trisha, a three-month old kitten.

Movement 3 - “Intermezzo”: This slow and lyrical movement functions almost like a free improvisatory interlude between movements two and four. The cello soars from the very low to the very high register of the instrument. My inspiration for this movement came while looking out my studio window and admiring the multiple colours of the autumn leaves.

Movement 4 - “Toccata”: I wanted to end the piece with a fast movement with many notes. However, the tempo does slow down a bit and the number of notes diminishes in the middle part of this movement. I thought it would be nice to take a break before the cellist tackles the fast coda.

Larysa Kuzmenko / 2009