texts: Alfred Lord Tennyson, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and William Shakespeare

Dreams” was commissioned by the Elora Festival and the Gryphon Trio with the financial assistance of the Laidlaw Foundation.

This work is in four movements. The first, “The Lotos-eaters”, suggests a “lotus-flower” induced sleep. The atmosphere is serene and ethereal.

The second movement, “I know 'tis but a Dream, yet feet more anguish”, is for solo soprano and violin. In contrast to the first, this movement suggests fear and anxiety. The dreamer begs to be awakened, but there is no one near to help. This leads into the third movement, “Nightmare”, for piano trio alone. This movement is rhythmically driven. Here, the dreamer is being relentlessly chased by some unseen force. During the course of the movement, there are moments of calm, which are curtailed by the relentless chase. This movement ends with the dreamer waking in a cold fear.

The final movement, “Caliban”, for choir and trio, is dedicated to the memory of my niece. On Aug. 30 of 2004, Anna Maria Drozd tragically passed away at the age of 37. She often talked about a dream that she had that was so beautiful that she did not want to awaken. Caliban's song is just such a dream. The atmosphere created here is somewhat scented with music that is sweet and sensual. Anna supported my career throughout her life, attending all of my premieres and concerts. I will miss her, and I know in my heart that she would have liked this dream.

Larysa Kuzmenko / 2004